A Unique Blend of Ways To Earn Income

WFG throws open the door to success for anyone with the spirit and desire to make a better life as a financial professional. Associates are rewarded with one of the industry’s most robust compensation plans on a diversified product portfolio. You get the industry’s most powerful business platform where, from day one, you have access to the support and systems necessary to get started and continue to grow at every level. As you advance through our ranks and build your business, you have the opportunity to earn more money while helping more people.

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World Financial Group provides its associates with a powerful, competitive compensation and promotion program that supports its superior business model. WFG offers you the chance to build a business of your own, with the exciting prospect of rising through the promotion levels and earning an income that can help you and your family prosper for generations to come.

Personal Income

Personal Income

Every time you help a client and write new business, you earn a commission. As you reach certain preset levels, your commission percentage increases.

Agency Income

Agency Income

As you grow and expand your agency business, you have the opportunity to mentor and coach newly licensed associates. As these licensed associates write new business, you can earn a portion of the overall commissions.

Expansion Income

Expansion Income

There are no territories to hold you and your business back. You’re free to expand your business anywhere in North America. *Certain restrictions apply

Bonus Income

Bonus Income

Qualified leaders earn a pro-rata share of an override on our entire field force. Your portion of the bonus can grow based on your organization’s production.

Example of Personal Income

​You are an Associate and you help a family by setting up a $500,000 30 tear term policy and a $250,000 IUL program.

Total Monthly Amount: $200
Total Yearly Amount: $2,400

Yearly Amount ($2,400) X Position (Associate 45%) = Total Commission $1,080

If you help 1 family per week like this one your monthly income would be $4,320 = $51,840 in a year.

Example of Agency Income

Let’s say you have a team of 4 additional agents that each help a family per week the same way you helped the above family. In this example you are a Senior Marketing Director at an 80% contract. The difference between their commission and your commission is called the override.

Your override on an Associate is 35% and 50% on a Training Associate. Assuming each of your agents help 1 family per week contribute $200 in insurance premium, including yourself. Below is the breakdown on overrides.

Personal Production: $7,680
Override on Associate 1: $3,360
Override on Associate 2: $3,360
Override on Tr. Associate: 1 $4,800
Override on Tr. Associate: 2 $4,800
Total Overrides: $16,320

Total Commission Earned: $24,000

If you help 1 family per week like this one and your team as explained above did the same your monthly income would be $24,000 = $288,000 in a year.

Training Associate 30%

Licensed Associate in training.

Associate 45%

3–3–30 (Recruit 3 new associates and observe your field trainer complete 3 non-securities sales calls in 30 days.) OR 20,000 net points in a rolling 3 months

Senior Associate (SA) 55%

Rolling 3 Months: 3 direct associates, 4 Life-licensed associates in downline, 30,000 base shop net points

Marketing Director (MD) 60%

Rolling 3 Months: (3 direct associates, 5 Life-licensed associates in downline, 40,000 base shop net points)

Senior Marketing Director (SMD) 80%

Rolling 3 Months: 10 licensed associates in downline (6 must be life licensed); 3 direct legs (Legs must include 1 MD or 2 SA); 75,000 base net points*; $35,000 or more in rolling 12-month cash flow OR Rolling 12 Months: 10 licensed associates in downline (6 must be life licensed); 3 direct legs (Legs must include 1 MD or 2 SA); 225,000 base net points*; $35,000 or more in rolling 12-month cash flow)

*No more than half (½) Net points can be personal and one half (½) or less Net points can be from any other leg for SMD promotions.

– Commission amount may vary based on product type and size of purchase.
– WFG’s advancement guidelines are subject to change at any time. Unless otherwise specified, advancement guidelines are for all WFG associates.